Live Translation System (LTS)

In May 2014, the theatre play ANNE FRANK, premiered in Theatre Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Shortly thereafter Imagine Nation developed a unique and innovative multilingual live translation system that services the needs of tourists and the hearing impaired. In Amsterdam, the system can be booked free of charge, allowing visitors to choose between a written translation and a synopsis of all scenes. It also features audio/subbed sequences. The system, that is operated via mobile devices mounted on seats (Ipad), enhances the experience of the target group and provides the theatre an additional revenue stream with a new target audience.

The Live Translation system (LTS) can be licensed in your theatre, including a full set up. The financial model contains a set-up fee, a monthly running license fee and a very interesting ROI. We have put in a lot of effort to make the translation experience completely seamless, allowing international audience to also enjoy your shows. This enables you, like us, to vastly expand the target audience and attract tourists, expats and any other non-native speakers.

Operation control
The LTS is manually controlled via an operator who closely follows the script and feeds the information stream to the devices on the seats. Manual operation enables thorough control, especially when a show is dynamic in progress (eg speed of cast, improvisation etc). Future upgrades of LTS will contain automatic music, speech and light cues.

Content (text/audio)
The content, either in written text, subtitles and audio dubs, can be uploaded in any language needed.

Technical specs
LTS is designed in IOS. LTS is a lightweight solution that requires little technical overhead or knowledge from the theaters that use it. Central element is the syncing server: a pre-configurered Mac Mini that connects to your WiFi network. The server keeps the updated script of your show in sync with the iPads mounted on the theater seats. The iPads produce the subtitles and audio in the language that the user selects. The server also runs a controller unit to ensure pitch-perfect timing of every script line with the actual lines as your actors pronounce them. Logged-in theater admins can manage the scripts of their show(s) using any regular webbrowser, to keep them updated at all times and modify the available translations. The system requires a dedicated WiFi connection to synchronize the translations in real-time between the syncing server and the devices. 

More information on how LTS can service your local theatre needs can be obtained via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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