Anne Frank, the play

ANNE hi-res2

ANNE has been initiated by the Anne Frank-Fonds in Basel, the universal heir and rights owner of the family estate, and is produced by Imagine Nation headed by Robin de Levita and Kees Abrahams. The highly acclaimed play premiered May 8th, 2014.

Fifty years after Goodrich and Hackett wrote their famous Broadway play, this production is the first ever to be based on the original and complete Anne Frank Diaries, her stories and the Frank family archives. This contemporary play has been written by Dutch Jewish authors Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter. The production of ANNE has been created in collaboration with the Dutch National Theatre with acclaimed artistic leader Theu Boermans in his role as creative director.

Audiences see Anne before she goes into hiding with her family, are with her for those two long years in the Secret Annex, and witness her full journey until the end. The purpose built theatre in the Dutch harbor is designed specifically to immerse the audience in the play and offers a unique opportunity to participate as realistically as possible in Anne’s story.

An innovative tablet enabled translation system is available in eight languages for international audiences.